Leo, July 2008, 17.5 Years Young

Leo, July 2008, 17.5 Years Young

Leo is a great cat. He came into our home during our first year of marriage and has marked every anniversary with us since. I am almost certain that Leo is going to be our last cat. I’ll especially miss his conversations from the sink, his sleeping on my head, and his typing on the computer (especially passwords…he likes to type in passwords.)

Leo and Scout, 1993

Leo and Scout, 1993

Leo handles the dogs, which is a good thing considering there are five of them to handle. Scout, Brett and Ollie were easy since they were all smaller than Leo when they first arrived to our home. Leo and Scout would take turns chasing each other around the house, with multiple potted plants being casualties. Brett, being a Border Collie, wanted to herd Leo, so the two of them would play a game where Brett would herd Leo into the back bedroom and then return to the living room. Without fail, after a few minutes Leo would appear at the door way and the game would begin again. This game was always great entertainment for our guests. Ollie ignored Leo for the first few weeks, and it took the cat a few flying leaps off the coffee table and onto the dog before Leo could get the canine attention he desired.

The next two dogs were more of a challenge because they came to us as adult dogs who did not know cats. Fortunately, by this time Leo was extremely dog savy. We watched with amazement as Leo literally trained Gwen and Katy-Did-It to behave as Leo thought they should.

Olga and Leo, Christmas 1996

Olga and Leo, Christmas 1996

Leo is particularly fond of Olga and Kate. We didn’t even see the cat the last couple of months Olga was with us on account of he was always in her room. It was about two days after Olga’s departure that he finally came rambling into our bedroom. Kate spoiled him rotten by picking him up all the time and walking him out in the yard to watch birds.

We almost lost Leo in 2007. A combination of a liver infection and the onset of feline diabetes just about did him in. Thinking it might be his last day, I sat on the front porch with Leo in my lap to watch birds one last time. But a few days in the clinic cleared up the infection, and we began insulin shots and a special diet. After a few weeks, we were able to discontinue the shots. Not only did he recover, but he lost some extra pounds and now he looks better than he has in years.


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