Brett is my dog and she is a red Border Collie. Terri borrowed her for a few years so that they could achieve doggy fame, but Brett is still my dog. I was the one who spent the six months rehabilitating her when she had a complete tear of her ACL, and I am the human in charge of throwing her ball each night.

Brett’s full name is MACH 2 Heelalong Lady Brett Ashley UD. Lady Brett Ashley is a character from The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Heelalong is part of her name because she came from the Heelalong Kennels. The UD means she earned a Utility Dog title in dog obedience from the American Kennel Club (AKC), and the MACH 2 signifies she earned a Master Agility Champion title, the highest title in dog agility, not once but twice. Brett is her short name, but her real nick name is Brat or Brat-Brat and she is not unlike her Hemingway namesake…I readily admit that I have spoiled her rotten.

Brett, 1994

Brett was born in 1994. I trained Brett in dog obedience, earning a DogWorld Award of Canine Distinction in 1997 and her Utility Dog title in 1999. Terri became interested in dog agility and Brett was the available dog in the house. Brett began her agility career when she was seven years old and earned her first MACH title in 2004. She earned her MACH 2 title in 2007 when she was twelve and one-half years of age.

Brett is listed on the Heelalong Hall of Fame. She is now retired to chasing her favorite toy in the front yard.

Brett, 2005

Brett, 2005


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