Azerbaijian Hospitality

Rostov, Russian Federation, 2008

Rostov, Russian Federation, 2008

During our tour of the Golden Ring of Russia, after we had toured Rostov the Great, Olga, Pavel, and I were guests at her uncle’s home in Rostov. In this parting photograph is Pavel, Olga’s uncle Nabi, her aunt Elya, Kamila, who is married to one of Olga’s cousins, and Olga. Olga, our first exchange daughter, is half-Azerbaijan from her father’s side of the family and her father is Muslim. Her mother is Russian and Russian-Orthodox. Olga was raised in the Russian-Orthodox church.

Caucus hospitality is well-known. Olga gave Nabi and Elya only a few hours notice that we were in Rostov, which meant that upon our arrival there was waiting only three-times as much food as we could possibly eat as apposed to four or five.

Their home is over two-hundred years old. Nabi has refurbished the inside to make it a very comfortable place to live. He proudly gave us a full tour.

After a couple of hours of great food, pleasant conversation, and for me, since I was not driving, a few glasses of vodka, Nabi and Elya escorted us out of Rostov in order that we would not be lost. Once we were safely on the right road, all the cars stopped, warm farewells were given on the side of the road, and we were on our way to Uglich.


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