This blog was begun for the benefit my exchange daughters, but has since evolved into several different strands.

Culture – What I have learned from my exchange daughters and travels.

Exchange Students – My exchange daughters and hosting an exchange student in general.

Family – My family, including my exchange daughters.

Friends – People that are not family but important to me and my exchange daughters.

Pets – The furry members of the family.

Travel – A documentation of my travels and eventually a travel guide for interested readers.

My home base is in Texas, and there you’ll find my wife Terri, one old cat, various numbers of dogs depending on the week, and always lots of guests from places near and far.

This project was begun in July 2008. The banner picture is the Kremlin of Rostov the Great, Russian Federation.



4 responses to “About

  1. Hi, Gary
    I am glad we succeed encouraging you to revive your page. It’s even better than previous one!
    Although I can send you few better pictures of Pavel and myself ( 4 am is not the best “photo time” for me :-))
    Love you as always

  2. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, we have hosted 22 Exchange Students. It has been a wonderful adventure as you already know. Our last student was also part of the YES exchange. Mustu joined us from Bangladesh.

    I have been to Moscow two times to visit with Tanya. It is a very interesting country.

    At the moment we are in Germany seeing some of our daughters.

    Thanks again for your comments in our guest book.


  3. Dear Gary,

    is see your picture (Krylov Fables: Elephant and Pug, The Wolf in the Kennels, and Fox and Crow.) on this site. Can you give me please the picture for print in a higher dpi?

    Please, answer me!

    Greetings, Daniel

  4. Hi Gary it is very useful blog. I was part of exchange program (Community College Initiative) funded by U.S Department of State. It was a very nice experience of my life. I loved it

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