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Good-bye Scout



Last Thursday night, I took Scout for her last walk. It was a good walk and we made it about half a block. I can still remember those long walks we took when she was a puppy, walking for hours, both morning and evening, in a futile attempt to expend her limitless puppy energy.

Scout’s floppy ears were the definition of soft… I don’t think there can found anything on the earth softer. For sixteen years those ears were stroked, pulled, stretched, and twisted, and she loved every minute of it.

If it is possible to say that a dog can have no vices, then you would have to say that about Scout. She was loving, obedient, and always wanting to please. She quietly ruled our pack and kept it in line. She was wonderful with little children.

It’s amazing how one little dog can completely change your life.

When Scout came into our life she was our first puppy. Looking for guidance, we found Good Owners, Great Dogs by Brian Kilcommons. Kilkommons devoted one page of his book to saying good-bye to your old friend. I remember reading this page several times, trying to imagine letting go of my new friend. Then the book got placed on the shelf and the page forgotten for fifteen years. A few weeks ago it came time to re-read what was read so long ago:

People ask me “How will I know when it is time?” and I always tell them “Love them, care for them, and when the pain is greater than the comfort, you’ll know. Trust yourself, you’ll know.”

Good-bye Scout.

Scout passed off this earth on January 30, 2009




Scout, 2006

Scout was our first dog to come into our married life. Her name comes from the character in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Scout was born under a trailer somewhere in central Texas. As far as we can tell, she is a Labrador, Springer Spaniel, and possibly a Catahoula mix. Continue reading